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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chalfonts all singing and dancing and thinking

I've written alot about the digital work at Chalfonts before (for instance see Joe Benson's work). But it is really interesting to see how much more powerful some of these films are when projected onto a big screen (soft canvas with a nice texture) with a good sound system rather than on a small monitor. 

But the fine art work reminds me again of the way this department requires students to take risks and to think deeply about their work. I was talking to Greg about a student's work, noting her references to Vygotski and identity, while looking at her sketchbook page with drawings and photos of her father shaving his legs in the shower. This work really was deeply inquisitive about identity and explored sexual identity with an honest frankness. Elsewhere are some big mournful self portraits as well, but these are moderated by other portraits with jaunty references to self identity and gender stereotyping.

Another characteristic of work in this school is the way that they translate special studies into quirky imaginative pieces - a scroll rolled up, sealed and placed in a high heeled shoe is one. The special study about graffitti is produced as the labels for spray cans with the different colour cans becoming different chapters. But there are more - boxes and artefacts showing curiousity, imagination and humour.

As I write this discretely at the back of the gallery, the teachers and students are giving out prizes and certificates - everyone gets a prize. Its a real celebration and it is good to be here.

A Level Art EXHIBITION 2010

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