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Monday, June 28, 2010

Brit Art at the RCA

I went to the Royal College of Art show this weekend - continuing the theme of visiting student shows. I was particularly interested in animation because of the student animations I had seen earlier in the week. These were indeed interesting with many hand drawn animations with a delightfully delicate and subtle use of line. A significant difference between these and some of the A Level animations seems to be in the extended and more abstracted narrative of these RCA animations. Curiously only two RCA students explored the notion of projection into, or onto, other things leaving the rest just presenting via rectangular projections on screens. I am always intrigued by the synergy of projected video into unusual and unexpected situations and am surprised there was not more of this. 

I thought it could be interesting to draw down animators of this quality into school as animators in residence. The equipment and techniques are available in schools, and students are already using them with confidence. Unfortunately neither the RCA or the students had a web prescence which showed work. Most students had websites under construction. So it is hard to recommend contacts. By the time this is read this may have been remedied - check RCA website.

In the Battersea galleries sculpture was usually big or heavy. There were two which I found interesting. However, most of it seemed to have the surly charmlessness of adolescent boys' displaying their underpants. An RCA twitterfeed at midday had breathlessly announced that Charles Saatchi had visited the show that morning. Saatchification was indeed fairly endemic as questions of 'what is art and form?' were once again rehearsed, but rather pedantically, and without the elegance and wit that characterised the same debate in the last century from Duchamp to Damian Hirst, via Carl Andre. Brit Art did seem to have lost its sense of humour. A Levels were more fun.

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