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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shakespeare and Summer at Holmer Green

This year there seems to be a real increase in photography and much of it high quality photography at that. Several schools have entered for the first time this year and are talking about increased numbers opting for it next year. At Holmer Green it was interesting to talk about ideas to offer photography and graphics next year. We noted that this blog/record of school exhibitions should be helpful in identifying those schools with useful expertise and experience - Waddesdon for graphics was one of the things we discussed. I really enjoyed the delightful seasonal booklet of photographs 'Summer's lease hath all too short a date'. Its in the video and  shows really intelligent picture taking. It is noticeable that, for all the photographs seen, very few have just relied on Photoshop filters for effect. The work is usually rooted in good, perceptive picture taking: although photoshop is used to crop and enhance, of course.

Other intriguing pieces at Holmer Green were the sets of three or four very small canvases presented as a sequence of repeating icons. These miniatures are, quietly, effective and provide a really simple comentary on the work of other artists such as Julian Opie.

Sketchbooks and research projects continue to impress with the levels of knowledege and understanding of art and artists acquired by students at both GCSE and A Level. It is interesting to note the now common practice of using digital photographs as the research tool of choice for many. There can be very few sketchbooks these days which do not include digital photographs which form the basis of much recording and reflection by students.

It was also good to be able to talk to the headteacher wwho was at the exhibition.  Mr Jones was  there for a long time and clearly made a point of talking to students and their parents celebrating their success. His enthusiasm as always was palpable. You can't help noticing that when senior leaders attend it does make a difference and that it doesn't always happen.

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