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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A large exhibition at John Hampden

It is always big here. The department consistently produces really strong, large, robust paintings. I always enjoy these, its a boys school and it shows. So its not quite Jenny Saville more Euston Road. Both of these big confident canvasses are by the same student. The studies were wonderful as well, some really finely controlled line and others with the same robust confident brushwork.  (see the online gallery)

There is a really strong tradition of drawing and mark making here. Every year the school takes part in the Royal Academy life drawing programme. Some of this work is remarkable for the confident fluidity and quality of the lines. This year there was also some intriguing sculptural model making (see in the video) It seems to be a secondary theme for many of the exhibitions I have seen. Quirky, curious sculptures were also seen at Misbourne and Amersham yesterday and at Sir Henry Floyd and Waddesdon. The other main theme this year is large portraits and here there was a wonderful set of three very large, unstretched, hanging canvases with a softly stained face - rather Turin shroud like. Unfortunately I could not get a picture as they were hung behind screens-but if the school would like to send me one it would be good to put in the online gallery

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