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Monday, May 24, 2010

Something significant happening here

Just need to put down a marker here about the work being done at Chalfonts Community College. I have written of this before but the new website seems to me to be something special. It represents four, or five, years hard work, risk taking and experiment, but it does at last give a real sense of what can happen when students become totally digitally literate and use the technology and grammar of new communications media to express themselves. Here there are 6th form students whose portfolio is purely digital. They are in fact accomplished designers who publish their work. In other places the natural humour and creativity of adolescents are given free reign as games are designed and published for others to play - love the game which uses smoke being blown into lungs as a scoring system. I'written before of the online games design course. The creative and media diploma is also well represented as the course and outcomes are published online.

The other thing I find inspirational in this school is the way that media studies are being developed in ways which totally embrace web 2 technology. Teacher blogs and twitter have become part of the learning dialogue free from the constraints of classrooms and timetables. Published video blogs have been folded into the broader revision practices being used in the run up to the examinations.

In a sense some of us have been talking about this for a long while now. But it does seem that this work around new media is now genuinely established and demonstrating really new ways of working.

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