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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A taste for teaching

Everything I write here seems to be retrospective these days. Its about old chords being struck - again. This time by a post from Ian Usher about a Teachers as Writers programme led by Simon Wrigley. What intrigued me was a comment by Simon about the origins of the course in the belief that "That teachers of writing should write". It just reminds me of taking teachers and pupils to stay in Willy Lot's cottage in Flatford to paint together for weekends; of a story-telling course just for teachers, of courses to develop the use of personal journals (art and writing) in Paris and Amsterdam, of teachers and a theatre company developing and presenting theatre in education pieces, of teachers exhibiting their own digital art at Waddesdon Manor. I agree with Simon, and always have, if we want to give children a taste of creativity then I guess we need to know what it actually tastes like ourselves - a taste for teaching.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A Principal Blog

I have long felt that we (educational professionals) should be embracing and using new technologies and exploring the opportunities offered by web2 technology - its why I write a blog - to 'model' what I think is important if I can. So it was good to see that I am not alone and that the Principal of Chalfonts Community College is also blogging. See Sue Tanner's blog here.